Our Motto & Vision

Our Motto

We believe that each child entrusted to us will receive education in its finest form. Learning is a life long process and all students and teachers are challenged to exceed their own expectations. This is a holistic experience that synergies the growth of mind, body and spirit. We nurture and prepare individuals, the torch bearers of tomorrow who believe in the strength of their own convictions and take pride in being Indian. They will work together in the spirit of global citizenship. Our work in school shapes the future and no constraints shall daunt us.

Our Vision

We at ASHMAH believe that education is a preparation for life, that it is an enjoyable, interactive ongoing process. It equips students to the thinking, caring and confident young adults. We are committed to developing citizens who are aware, sensitive, open minded and creative. Our objective is to inculcate positive attitude, to imbibe social and moral values, to encourage originality and to develop a sense of national identity