Math Lab

Mathematics laboratory is a room where in we find collection different kinds of materials and teaching aids , needed to help the students to understand the concepts through relevant , meaningful and concrete activities. These activities may be carried out by the teacher or the students to explore the world of mathematics , to learn , to discover and to develop an interest in the subject with the help of abacus , gani tmala and number carels etc.


To improve students achievement in mathematics.


1. Class size limited to approximately 15 students.
2. Well equipped lab.
3. Whole group , small group and individual instruction.
4. Students work at their place.
Proper allocation of periods for laboratory activities are made in the time table.

Grade level indicators are based on :

1. Number , sense and operations standard.
2. Geometry and spatial sense standard.
3. Patterns functions and algebra standard.
4. Data analysis and probability standard.

List of projects given as examples

1. Observing interesting patterns in cricket match.
2. Design crossword puzzle with mathematical terms.
3. A measuring task.
4. Project in history of mathematics.

Methods and materials used in lab

1. Paper folding
2. Collage
3. Unit cubes
4. Geo board
5. Transparency sheets
6. Graph paper
7. Pins and threads
8. Broom sticks
9. Chart papers , glazed papers and sketch pens.
10. Mathematical instrument sets.
11. Chart and pictures.
12. Models for verifying included identities.
13. Lecture cum demonstration method.
14. Student participation
15. Assumptions.

Ways to make teaching maths interesting.

1. Help the students to make connections between the math topic and real world.
2. Start with concrete examples leaves the abstract concepts later.
3. Start with an interesting , real world problem
4. Creativity
5. Get their ideas and feelings about the topic
6. Projects
7. Group work
8. Use maths riddle

Smart class

Teaching learning in the school is made more interesting and joyful with the help of smart class programmes regularly. School has smart classroom powered by HCL, a leading service provider . This makes the students to experience the 3D learning process and at the same time the teaching learning process becomes more interactive.