Heritage Club

The Heritage Club was initiated in the school under the guidance of our principal Ms. Monica Mann.
The foremost motive behind initiating school’s Heritage Club is to create awareness and sensitize students towards preserving and promoting our varied and rich ancient culture and traditions.  Heritage includes all the cultural, natural, built and living heritage.  We take pride in the unique diversity of rich Indian heritage. The main aims of the club are:

• To promote awareness of and involvement in heritage to inculcate a respect for diversity, tolerance, mutual understanding, common brotherhood, patience and promote peaceful co-existence in school children.
• To inspire young children and encourage them to build a future through an understanding of the past and the present.
• To equip children to understand and explore their local heritage and gain a confident sense of self. 
• To encourage children to learn about national heritage as well as gain exposure to different heritages around the country.

Activities organized by the club:

1.Diwali Celebrations- Students decorated the whole school and participated in various festive activities.

2.Prakash Utsav of  Guru Nanak Dev Ji - Students recited verses from Gurbani. The students had their lunch as per the “Langar Tradition”. All of them sat together and shared their lunch with each other.

3.Visit to Doll Museum – Students visited Doll Museum and had a glimpse of the rich Indian traditions and culture depicted via dolls.

4.Painting Competitions