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A community with high expectation and high academic achievement

If you're looking for a school that has high expectations and high academic achievement, then Ashmah International School, Mohali is the perfect choice for you.

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Curriculum & Syllabus

The online platform offers access to the curriculum and syllabus of our school, encompassing comprehensive course descriptions and clearly defined learning objectives.

Our Notice Board

Every recent achievements made by our students, upcoming events, opportunities of all sorts etc are listed in our Notice board.

Our Achievements

We have achieved numerous accolades for our outstanding performance in academics, sports, and the arts. Our students consistently demonstrate exceptional abilities and continue to thrive in their respective areas of expertise.

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About Ashmah International School

The mission of Ashmah International School is to provide a world-class education to all of its students through a center for holistic and integral development. Ashmah is determined to work toward each student's holistic and integral development. It equips students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to meet the challenging demands of contemporary society in a responsible manner. At Ashmah International School, the goal has always been to prepare students at all levels so that they can learn and understand things on their own.

The School lays accentuation on games and extra curricular exercises which incorporate Music, Dance, Workmanship and Specialty, Cultivating, Zumba, Taek-won-Do, Yoga, Heart stimulating exercise and so forth. For teaching students a variety of skills, Badminton, chess, skating, kho-kho, and basket ball are among the school's many sports.

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The excursion of such amazingly lengthy long stretches of Ashmah International School depict the mix of incomparable acumen, advancement, research, particular cooperation and honest evaluations . At Ashmah International School, the goal has always been to prepare students of all abilities so that they all have an equal chance to learn. Every student has the chance to do better than they ever imagined. Our essential center is to make astute, solid, cheerful and balanced youngsters. Because it is the only one of its kind in the tri-city, the school has set high standards for itself.


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